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We are honored that your son or daughter has decided to join the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program and has chosen our squadron. CAP has been offering its unique leadership and citizenship program to America’s youth since it was founded in 1941. Your cadet is now a part of an organization that has produced successful professionals ranging from: U.S. astronauts, senators, pilots, doctors, CEO’s, and engineers to name a few.Cadets are not obligated or expected to join the military. CAP is not a recruiting program, and we are not recruiters for the military. While a number of our cadets have gone on to serve in the military (and for those cadets who perform well in the program, the military offers them increased pay, benefits, and advanced promotions), many other cadets take the skills they learn to succeed in college and the workforce. There are many scholarship opportunities available to them.

Responsibilities & Expectations of CAP Cadet

CAP teaches self-discipline therefore we ask that you support them in the program but do not do things for them. For example, remind them to have their materials and uniforms ready for meetings but do not iron their uniforms for them. They will need to know how to do these types of things themselves when they go to training activities like encampment.

Uniforms are a way to promote teamwork and also develop self-discipline. The uniform motivates cadets to set high standards for themselves and to live their core values of integrity, volunteer service, excellence, and respect. By having the responsibility of maintaining their uniform, such as properly assembling, cleaning, and pressing them, enforces self-discipline and leadership.

Cadets only meet once a week for just over two hours. This is not enough time to improve and work on aerospace education, emergency services, fitness or leadership skills. Studying their textbooks between meetings, and working on their physical fitness is key and we ask that you encourage and remind them.

Opportunities for CAP Cadets

There are many opportunities for cadets throughout the year including winter and summer camps and, special activities. During their first year, cadets are strongly encouraged to attend our week-long summer encampment. It is held annually during the summer months. Scholarship money for encampment is available for everyone to apply.

Cadets are also eligible for scholarships for college and even flight training once they progress past a certain point in the cadet program called the Billy Mitchell Award which if they are on track is about the half-way point. Visit scholarship link below for more details.

Civil Air Patrol works hard to minimize the cost to cadets participating in the program. They are issued dress and field uniforms, a full binder and set of textbooks, attendance at a full years worth of weekly meetings, and coverage by CAP liability insurance (when participating in CAP) as part of their annual membership fee.

  • Annual National Cadet Membership Fee: $42

  • Squadron yearly dues: $75

  • Uniform Accessory Package for New Members: $100

Camps, academies and special activities are an additional cost but again, scholarships are available and costs are very reasonable.

Weekly Meetings

Cadets are expected to attend all weekly meetings.  When they are not able they need to communicate this to the Cadet Commander. The meetings are held every Monday night from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. We ask that they be dropped off on time and that you are there for pick up 10 minutes early- occasionally they may be dismissed early.


All of our adult members undergo FBI fingerprinting and background screenings. They also undergo training in such areas as preventing and identifying abuse to operational risk management and safety. We take the safety of your son or daughter very seriously. We a have very detailed cadet supervision protocol in place as well as safety, and risk management regulations.

CAP also instills safety as part of the cadets program. Cadets must complete an orientation to safety training before they can even earn their first stripe. Safety education is a continual program covering multiple areas taught once every month.

Civil Air Patrol works hard to minimize the cost to cadets of participating in the program. If you have a question or concern about CAP or our squadron, we invite you to contact us by phone, email, or in-person at any of our meetings.


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